Sligv Vreen Orxy

Even the Nigerians would kill to have their power, them being the biggest scammers in the world

Posted in Celebrities are a Dying Form of Art by Sligv Vreen Orxy on May 17, 2009

The people who buy into that Disney Channel crap are being mislead and scammed. These people don’t have talent, nor do they really care about the industry in general. They are found, polished, and brought into the public as talking sticks with wigs. Really, how many times have you said that you’d really like to go to a Disney concert to see The Jonas Brothers lip-sync? I know sometimes they don’t, but pretty much every artist does it at one point.

The Jonas Brothers are pretty pathetic to say the least, singing about being in love and breaking up when they actually have no idea how to control a relationship. Their songs are just as bad, being about girls obsessing over them, having all those nice things, and loving the world. Everyone sings about all those things, there’s nothing really different about them except that they have the Disney label attached to them.

Oh, and Hannah Montana, she has the biggest loud mouth ever, and acts like she’s a five year-old brat who wants to control the world. I heard that she isn’t exactly healthy either, keeping Big Macs and Coca-Colas all over her dressing rooms. I can’t believe that little girls aspire to be like her. At a performance, she kept having to breathe really hard between tracks because she doesn’t have the lung capacity to keep on singing.


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