Sligv Vreen Orxy

Their lives are like being a Verizon customer, their network of people always have the last say

Posted in Celebrities are a Dying Form of Art by Sligv Vreen Orxy on May 17, 2009

Going back to that Britney Spears reference I made, she has a group of people who are also there wherever she goes. Even if they’re not exactly there in that sense that they’re present, she has that problem where people always know where she is, she has her father controlling her, the label management, her family, her kids, and of course is always surrounded by the paparazzi.

She hasn’t got that freedom that normal people have, and even on her own, the paparazzi are always going to be the people who determine which way she goes. She can go and hide in a mall somewhere and be okay, but going to a friend’s house will only allow them to surround the area. Of course, that’s always going to be a problem for these people, hanging out at their friend’s house for a day. It’s only opening doors to more trouble.

Not only because people will start to surround that area to catch a glimpse, but idiots will break in and steal some photos that they’ll sell for a grand in the parking lot. In this economy, people aren’t always thinking, they’re always in for the quick buck. Heck, even I would be more than interested in doing that on a daily basis if it made me better money than making and selling records!


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