Sligv Vreen Orxy

They’d all be wearing the trademark Marilyn Monroe dress and weigh more than 120 lbs

Posted in Celebrities are a Dying Form of Art by Sligv Vreen Orxy on May 17, 2009

People should know by now that these people have no sense in fashion whatsoever, come on, they have people who dress them on a daily basis! They don’t even do their own makeup and they have the most expensive and latest trends on them. All these people are catered depending on their height, weight, and width, almost like how an architect puts together a house plan.

Does everyone get that most of these celebrity chains of apparel and makeup never last? Probably not even them get to decide on what they’re going to release, the truth is that no one would really want to wear the itchy and scratchy dresses they have to put on everyday. The shoes are definitely a killer on anyone’s feet! I bet you that some of them consider pregnancy just to get out of wearing them for nine months.

I guess they’re similar in the fact that if they had the choice, they’d all be wearing Marilyn Monroe’s simple, yet glamorous, dress. It’s simple, easy to breathe in, and you don’t have to worry stepping on it down the red carpet. It makes an impact on people, and goes with any style of shoe. These people would rather have simplicity than trying to beat everyone in the best dressed polls, they want to look good, but feel good at the same time.

I’m pretty sure they’d all want to be at least 120 pounds too, because there isn’t really anything wrong with it to be honest. Movies are supposed to be real and true to life, what’s so real about a girl with big boobs and hardly any meat on her? A good percentage of the United States is obese and overweight, I’d one day love to see a big girl win an Oscar for Best Actress that weighs more than 150 pounds, it would change the world forever and be a huge accomplishment for our world. Girls need to be more independent, less picky, and more open-minded to things that come their way.

And with the revealing outfits, all I have to say is sex sells, and it always has. Maybe we’ve become a population who’s so obsessed with it, but it sends a message to everyone: If you become so out of control, so misunderstood, and unchallenged, this is what you will eventually become. I think girls should look at Britney Spears as a model of how one can be so innocent and sweet and be forced to live her life the way people want her to.

She was forced into this career since she was a little girl, she was forced to market herself as an out of control teenager. She’s at the point of her life where she wants change so badly, yet she’s wanting someone to tell her what to do, but she’s getting nowhere because she has the wrong people around her. She’s not going to have her parents around much longer because they’re getting older, and it’s when then that there’ll be the biggest and quickest fall she’ll have. She could sell so much Curious perfume that she’d never have to work again, but she’ll never be able to stand on her two feet until she gets the help she needs to accomplish it.


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