Sligv Vreen Orxy

They sold the rights to their children to a popular magazine the day they were born

Posted in Celebrities are a Dying Form of Art by Sligv Vreen Orxy on May 17, 2009

No matter how much they want their kids to have a normal life, it will never happen. Selling pictures of your child being born should be outlawed because it’s like giving the public permission to go after them. Some of these people believe that their child has the right to go to a public school for their education, then you realize that some soccer mom has sold the team photo to People Weekly.

God gave you a child to be proud of, to care for, and to raise; God did not give you a child to parade around the paparazzi, sell photos of them for extra money, or to put them in danger. Being a celebrity, you should be aware that not everyone your child will meet at school will be safe, especially when at least 24 parents know who’s parents are those of the little blonde girl with pigtails.

There will always be people who won’t be able to keep their mouth shut, and trust me, I know a lot of parents like that. You can tell a mother one thing and all of the sudden the whole city will know. Not to mention that sometimes your kid won’t know better and will answer a stranger’s question. They’re just a kid anyway and you should keep up with them instead of leaving them in one country while you’re in another.

A worry most celebrities have is when their child gets older. You know, your teenager is trying to be like Britney Spears and just have some fun, then she ends up going around to her friends for a party. Oops, you either have a grandson on the way, or she’s just made a complete fool of herself in front of the camera! We have enough Paris Hiltons in the world already, we don’t want to add another one to the list.

If it’s a boy, you always are on the lookout for any weird behavior he might throw at you. To be honest, you just can’t keep teenagers from experimenting with drug substances. They’re going to be either into the drinking or the smoking, and while they can get help with it later, you don’t want to be the person who’s related to them or it’s going to be all eyes on you in the article. Bad children always is noted as bad parenting when it comes to being famous.


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