Sligv Vreen Orxy

Writing your autobiography does not mean to publish something that will be so offensive that you get sued

Posted in Celebrities are a Dying Form of Art by Sligv Vreen Orxy on May 17, 2009

A lot of celebrities have been writing their own books to release to the public, you know, so they get to “know” them a little better. Then, they find out that the public doesn’t really care much about them and think that they wasted a good twenty dollar bill to go read about their boring, same old famous life. That book then gets thrown away next to their old Richard Simmons workout videos.

So what have they done to get the rest of the public’s attention (the ones who don’t bother in buying it)? Well, they put in something nasty about their sister, who then reads it with disgust and calls them up to share some explicit language and demands for every copy to be pulled off the shelf. When she obviously doesn’t get her way, she calls all her friends and family and takes it to court.

These people don’t even care that you’re related to them either, they’re willing to take every single penny from you, and of course, at this point it doesn’t even matter because you sell a million copies by the time the first court meeting starts. So, you’ve made all the lawyer fees and whatever the bitch wants. Some people just end on that note so they don’t have to worry about having to get them more and get into debt.


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