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George Carlin: I didn’t like his humor

Posted in Essays by Sligv Vreen Orxy on May 24, 2009

I grew up watching George Carlin as Mr. Conductor in Shining Time Station and used to love his narration in the Thomas stories, I don’t enjoy the newer Alec Baldwin ones and think that the singing children are a tad irritating. Nonetheless, it’s always going to be something that I remember being obsessed with growing up. I never realized that Shining Time Station didn’t last that long, seems like all the best children shows on PBS have vanished.

My dad had George Carlin on the TV the other day, since we have On Demand and can watch anything we want that’s on there and they have a stand up section. I happened to walk in when he was talking about America and how we show too much pride for a country that is governed by people that force us to give them what they want. None of that really bothered me, it was when he got to religion that I started to get a bit annoyed.

Now, I’m not a religious person, never have, probably never will. I do pray, but it’s like, I only do it to add a bit of spiritual luck in my life. I always ask for my family and friends to be kept in good health and to give them happiness, that’s as far as it goes. Carlin implies that we spend too much money and that we get nothing back from it… Well, I’m always going to be happy to provide a dollar or two to my local church to keep it open for those that need it. I don’t nessiarly think it’s going to God, but if it pays for a new coat of paint or to buy supplies for the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine programs, then I’m fine with it. Pay for what you use the most, because you’re the one who’s keeping it alive.

He also thinks that praying is no good and you’re better off praying to someone that can actually help you, well, I feel that when I pray, it’s my way of admitting to things I’ve done and tells me that I’m not the idiot that knows nothing like some people believe me to be, it helps me deal with my problems better in some sort of way.

Another thing he spoke about was children, and you know, being on a children’s television show, I would have thought he’d at least respected them. The first thing he said was that there was nothing hard about raising a child, and said you should leave them on the street and if they were there the following week, that your kid was “stupid.” He also said that every child is not special, and that’s just something I disagree about because I look around at my brother’s school and everyone reacts differently to things. You have one kid who cries, one kid who laughs, another who gets in shocked, etc. I think everyone’s special in the way they’re brought up, taught, and use their knowledge to achieve their goals.

So I don’t particularly agree with anything the man said, and I think he makes some controversial points, however I will say that this man has served the entertainment industry for a long time now, doing a lot of great for Hollywood. I didn’t realize he died last year until today, well, RIP, and takes for allowing me to write a great article!


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I feel vulnerable when I’m around you, it’s as if you didn’t like me to begin with, using me as your ticket to happiness.

My little brother’s bad joke

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Why didn’t the solider cross the road? He didn’t have any legs.

No trouble sleeping

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Sleeping is usually a hassle for me, having a weird pattern, but I managed to get more than a full night’s rest today.

Mister Sock – #2

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Mister Sock – #1

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A Perfect Day

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As writers in this generation we like to think that if we use the common phrases such as “like a child in the candy store” we’d get told off, but I can’t help that it’s the way I felt this afternoon meeting up with some old friends who spoiled me like crazy.

Disney films are actually pretty boring (in my own opinion)

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Let’s face it, most kindergardeners and first graders have probably never seen the original Disney animated films. They just aren’t as appealing as the Pixar or 3D technologies that have replaced them. The other thing is that those of us that do own any of these films probably have them in the VHS format, and who really owns one of those machines these days? We have one in the house, but the last time we moved the TV around we didn’t bother hooking it back up. We also have that U-Verse package that lets you watch a good selection of new and old films for free, so it’s not as if we have to dig up the cassette anyway.


Pre-1989 releases, Lady and the Tramp, 101 Dalmatians, The Aristocats, and Oliver & Company are the only ones which I love watching over and over again. They have various settings in them, aren’t about teenage girls who work too hard/and or their stepmother hating them, and they’re actually fun and entertaining! I’m not just talking about the musical content (really only Oliver & Company), but the feeling it gives you while you’re watching and once it’s finished. A year or so ago, I finally got to see The Fox and the Hound (at the age of 19), I could not believe that a company that markets happy endings could release something so inhumane. I went to my room and started bawling because for being a kids movie, it was too close to what the reality of it all is. If there was one movie I would never let my kids see, it’d definitely be that one.


Of course, I think that too much fantasy is not good for children, which is why I love the films mentioned above. Of course, animals can’t talk, or play instruments, but they’re realistic enough to be believable. I don’t believe in magic, rats can’t put together a dress, and you’d pretty much die from eating a poisoned apple. If you’ve never seen Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs or Cinderella, you can guess the ending five minutes after figuring out the plot. I couldn’t tell you what happens in the middle of them either, I just know that there was a mirror and that she hung out with mice.


My favorite Disney animated films come from the late eighties/early nineties: The Little Mermaid and The Lion King. Not only did they have the most memorable songs, but unlike Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin, they had color. The music was fantastic aswell, modern sounding at that time, easy for us kids to sing the lyrics to all day long. They were marketing them very well at the time too, so my friends and I had all the plush toys, stickers, and books. Sadly, Pocahontas ended up being all over my room, had my walls and bed plastered with her, regret that now. I don’t remember the last time I watched it.

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I don’t think it’s because I’m growing up either, more like I can finally judge them now that I have the ability to understand them. I know that Disney’s whole purpose is to provide family entertainment, but some of these so called “Masterpieces” aren’t. In this century, they haven’t come out with any real winners either. Can I just say that not even adults will enjoy a story about history with bland characters and a boring plot? The Emperor’s New Groove and Lilo and Stitch were great, but the marketing campaign that followed (television shows, sequels) took the magic away from it too soon, at a minimum, they should wait at least three years.

Memory Lane

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I looked outside my window, there stood the empty street. I closed my eyes, visioning the children laughing and playing on it. Living in the same house since I was thirteen, I held a lot of memories that were created outside my garden. Just because I’m young doesn’t mean the littlest things can’t make me smile.

Mister Sock and the Return of Disco

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Mister Sock cover

Mister Sock cover